Fabrice Soulier Making Moves


In the first full level of the day we lost almost 200 players and many hands were either “all-in and call” preflop or on the flop.

But not all big hands go to showdown. And not all hands see a player eliminated.

One of these tense hands without showdown just went Fabrice Soulier’s way.

Menashe Adir opened to 14k from middle position. Two spots behind him Fabrice called the raise.

All other players folded and Adir fired a large 40k c-bet on a T 5 3 flop. Soulier made short work of this and raised all-in for 200k.

Adir counted his chips; he was barely covered by Fabrice. He groaned and moaned a bit, played with his cards and eventually folded.

Now Soulier has almost 350k chips.

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