Finalists of 2017 Try Their Luck Again


Eight players at the final table of last year’s Main Event have been seen at the tables since the Main Event started on Thursday.

it was an eclectic mix of players from Israel, Sweden and Norway and we’re thrilled that everyone has returned to battle again

Here’s a little summary of how our most valorous knights of 2017 are doing so far:

Nadav Lipszyc

The reigning champ started his new BoM journey yesterday.

It didn’t go as expected, but today has given him more hope as his stack keeps rising, now at 90k.

Nadav Lipszyc BOM 2018

Nadav Lipszyc

Yaron Borenstein

Similar to Nadav, last year’s runner-up took a shot and failed to run up a stack on Day 1B so fired another bullet today.

Yaron Borenstein BOM 2018

Yaron Borenstein

Asbjorn Elvevold


Played only Day 1B so far, and maybe that was enough for him.

Joakim Wickström

The Swede tried his luck twice yesterday and today has opted for the turbo Day 1D to start at 8pm.

Avihai Benshoham

Definitely on a good track to reach the final table again as he finished Day 1B yesterday 4th in chips (564,000).

Per-Eirik Koi

The Norwegian took his first buy-in yesterday and is again in the field today.

Per Eirik Koi

Per-Eirik Koi

Dor Adda

Another Israeli who made the final table last year. This year he entered Day 1A, Day 1B and will now compete in Day 1D.

Jonas Hahnert

Back-to-back final tablist Hahnert played Days 1A and 1B with no success so he’s trying his luck again today. Can he make an unprecedented 3 final tables of the BoM in a row? Stay tuned for the answer!

Jonas Hahnert

Jonas Hahnert

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