First Break – France Rises To The Top

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We’ve already lost two player in the first session of the Battle of Malta final table today.

Jerome Steven Mangum, the only American player at the table, was the first to go after only a couple of hands.

After that, not much was happening for a while until the two big stacks Canevet and Hills clashed, and the hand went the way of the bigger stack.

Julien Stropoli is the only shortstack yet who managed to propel himself into a much better position. He’s now in second behind the runaway chipleader Maxime Canevet, while Andrew Hills has lost a lot of chips and his position in the chipcount.

The shortest stack is now Gustav Vandenbring, who nursed one of the shorter stacks for most of the tournament and is definitely the survival kid of the bunch.

Click here to watch the Battle of Malta Main Event Final Table live.

Chipstacks at first break

1. Maxime Canevet; 36,275,000 chips

2. Mantas Urbonas; 15,900,000

3. Julien Stropoli; 15,475,000

4. Jens Ostergaard; 8,275,000

5. Andrew Hills; 7,250,000

6. Abdalah Fakhreddine; 6,750,000

7. Gustav Vandenbring; 5,275,000

8. Mateusz Moolhuizen; out; €30,000

9. Jerome Steven; out; €23,000

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