Flaviano Cammisuli Takes From Florian Guimond


It’s the first big hand of the day: The Frenchman Florian Guimond opened from middle position and Cammisuli called right behind him. In the big blind Mordechai Hazan came along and they saw a flop.

Flop: 3 J 7

Guimond bet 130k and Cammisuli instantly raised to 340k. Hazan got out of the way and eventually Guimond called.

Turn: Q

The turn completed the flush and there were almost 1m chips in the middle. Cammisuli fired a 515k bet and this got Guimond to give up his hand.

The Italian is close to even with the Frenchman now.

Since we already lost four players, we’re now playing 8-handed at the moment.

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