Four Queens In The Deck

There are four female players left in the Battle of Malta main event field. Who can make it to day 3?

The big name is, of course, Sofia Lövgren, who also has the biggest stack of the four. Gali Dovzhenko from Israel is also sitting pretty well, with Ina Pavlova – who lives here in Malta – is a little behind, and Kelly Limonova from Estonia hanging on the ropes.

Gali is sitting at the feature table now, so don’t forget to tun in to our BOM Live Stream with hole cards and commentary.

Sofia Lövgren: 750,000

Gali Dovzhenko: 600,000

Ina Pavlova: 535,000

Kelly Limonova: 170,000

These are the players we’re laying our hopes on to survive the day and maybe the next one, too, so we could finally have a second woman at the final table of the BOM man event.