Gali Dovzhenko Wins PLON Last Longer


There are several additional competitions going on at the Battle of Malta 2018. There are packages to be won to different poker festivals across Europe from London to Tallinn to Spain, and there are Last Longer bets offered by several sponsors.

One of these is the Poker League of Nations, represented by their CEO Lena Evans who just bubbled the final table of the Ladies event yesterday, played the charity event with Becker and Antonius, and reached day 2 of the main event.

The PLON is an organisation that specifically supports women in poker, and they’ve left quite a mark here with Evans performing very well.

Players who wore the PLON patch also had the chance of a special prize, and the winner has been found: It’s Gali Dovzhenko from Israel.

She is the last player still alive with the PLON patch, and she’s now also the proud owner of a Battle of Malta rucksack + a sleek €300 and a bag full of goodies from PLON.

But Gali is not only a player, she’s also an active supporter of the poker community. Currently, she’s preparing a new website called untiltpoker. It’s a site about mindfulness in poker, and it’s going to go live soon.

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