Gill Denino Out In 14th place – (€13,000)


Gill Denino pushed all-in under the gun with four big blinds left.

From the button, Andrew Hedley over-shoved to isolate.

The blinds folded and the cards were turned over.

Denino showed 9-8 off-suit, while Hedley had K-T suited.

Not too bad for the Israeli player, who had two live cards and over 30% equity.

The flop brought only rags, but a flush draw for Hedley that filled up on the turn.

And so the tournament comes to an end for Gill Denino, who takes home €13,000.

We’re down to 13 players.

Payout level: €17,000

Next payout level: 11th, €19,000

Average stack: 7.3 million

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