Go Israel!


The Battle of Malta attracts players from all over the world, but for some countries the BoM seems to be especially attractive. We just browsed through the list of players and today most players come from Israel (72), followed closely by players from Italy (70) and Sweden (43).

These are the countries with the most players in the mix on this day 1B:

Israel 72
Italy 70
Sweden 43
Norway 16
Malta 15
United Kingdom 15
Spain 13
France 11
Estonia 10
Poland 10
England 9
Finland 8
Germany 7
Lithuania 7
Cyprus 6
Portugal 6
Switzerland 6
Denmark 5
Greece 5
Netherlands 5

Apart from that we also have one player from Australia (Andrew Brown), China (Shiyan Fang), Lebanon (Fakhreddine Abdalah) and two players from the US (the poker playing couple Rex Clinkscales and Ting Ho).

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