What would a poker tournament be without a few props and goodies that players can grab as souvenirs?

At a booth in the tournament area players can find a nice selection of merchandise branded with both the Battle of Malta and Casino Malta.

Pick what you prefer:

Leather wallet: 40€
Battle of Malta bag: 11€
B0M embroidered baseball cap: 20€
Battle of Malta backpack: 50€
Power banks: 25€
BOM coaster: 6€
Towel: 15€

And, of course, the traditional tee-shirt.

From the Casino Malta brand:

Keychains: 3€-8€
Earrings, cufflinks, tie clips, pendant: 50-57€
USB stick: 10€
Lighter: 12€
Flask: 20€
Umbrella: 12€
Ball pens: 13€-17€, to go with Notepad: 10€ (shall we remind you that you should always take notes on your opponents?)
Luggage scale: 15€ (to see if you don’t exceed the weight limit when you will have won one of the BOM trophies)
Cushion: 8€ (yes, Day 1s are long)

Note it is also possible to use Casino Malta loyalty points.

Ah, and if you’re really broke, the cheapest option is a plastic lighter – for just 1,50€.

Goodies BOM Casino Malta 4
Goodies BOM Casino Malta 5
Goodies BOM Casino Malta 6
Goodies BOM Casino Malta 7


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