Hedley Finds Demise At The Hands Of Canevet – 10th (€19,000)


The last hand of the evening took place on the outer table, where Andrew Hedley collided with Maxime Canevet, and like so many before him, he couldn’t take the Frenchman’s chips.

Hedley opened on the button and found just one caller in Canevet. When we came to the table they were on the turn, and this is what the board looked like.

T K 5 4

Canevet checked and Hedley bet 500k, Canevet played to the spirit of the game and pushed all-in. Hedley had just about three million chips behind and knew he was making a decision for his tournament life.

He took about five minutes and then decided to call.

Hedley: T 9 for second pair

Canevet: K 9 for top pair

The river was a low blank, and suddenly the likable Brit was out of chips and the tournament over – for today.

Payout level: €19,000

Next payout level: 9th, €23,000

Average stack: 10.6 million

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