Highlander Twitter Phenom Busts in Spectacular Fashion


Adam Mackay hails from the Scottish Highlands North of Aberdeen, and he’s been catching our attention with his lively Twitter Feed about his experience at the Battle of Malta.

Being a bank employee in his real life, he qualified online at Betsson for the BOM. After his arrival, he played a live satellite, won a second ticket and thus had two bullets to spare – and he needed them both.

He’s had a wild ride that included big swings and a bad hangover, but he made the money and cashed for about €1k.

Adam just busted in one of these cruel ways that poker has in store for all of us. Being all-in with kings versus queens, everything looked fine, but then a queen hit the turn and another one hit the river, just to make the sight of another face card more painful.

mackay bust

“It’s all good”, said Mackay. “I’ve had a lot of fun. And the best thing now is, I feel I have all the options now. I can jump into another tournament, go drink, or just hang out in my hotel for a while.”

Judging from how he’s been enjoying himself here until now, we’re sure he’ll take the right decision.

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