Hills Crests Chip Mountain


As the players are on break we eyeballed some stacks.

By the looks of things Andy Hills has strapped on the camelback and gaiters and trekked to the top of Mt. Chipimanjaro.

Steven Mangum isn’t far behind and Abdalah Fakhreddine is picking up a new oxygen tank and heading up to the summit himself.

Maxime Canevet is standing on a ridge taking in the view above.

OK; we’ll stop with this. You see where we’re going. Full counts (approx):

Hills Andrew Christopher 8,000,000
Mangum Jerome Steven 7,300,000
Abdalah Fakhreddine 7,000,000
Canevet Maxime Thien-Duc 6,500,000
Urbonas Mantas 5,900,000
Stropoli Julien 4,700,000
Kettunen Miikka Juhani 4,500,000
Benshoham Avihai Hai 4,500,000
Benta Sebastian 4,400,000
Moolhuizen Mateusz 4,000,000
Denino Gill 3,800,000
Vadenbring Nils Gustav 3,100,000
Sallaberry Pierre 2,900,000
Hedley Andrew John 2,900,000
Katz Darron Charle 2,400,000
Lindholm Samuel 2,300,000
Ostergaard Jens Erik Thorsten 2,300,000
Lovgren Sofia Linnea Matilda 1,800,000
Di Romualdo Tziano 1,600,000
Vasileva Pavlova Tsvetelina 1,600,000
Teva Elad 1,500,000
Wozniak Mr Michal 1,500,000
Sagians Daniel 1,200,000
Bergamo Alessio 1,200,000
Nezirevic Mirza 1,000,000

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