Hills Over Hentunen


Brit Andy Hills certainly knows his way around tournaments with buy-ins between 200 and 1,000 Euros (or Dollars or Pounds). 

Earlier this year Hills won the Wynn Summer Classic in Las Vegas for more than $70k. Last year he won the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour Blackpool for more than €13k.

The Battle of Malta also seems to be treating him well so far as he’s been among the chip leaders for most of the later levels today.

We just saw him add to his stack in medium-sized pot against the Finnish player Risto Hentunen.

The latter opened from middle position to 6.5k and Hills made it 15.5 two positions behind him. After all other players folded, Hentunen called the 3-bet.

The board was checked around until the river and it read: A Q 5 5 T. With more than 35k in the middle Hills moved a single blue chip over the betting line – 5k.

Hentunen had a look on his face that said, ‘I know I’m beat but I can’t fold due to odds and other tactical considerations.’ Or something to that affect.

So the Finn called and turned over J T for a rivered third pair. His look was correct; his hand was beaten as Hills turned over Q J for second pair.

We’re pretty sure we’ll see Hills on Day 2 since he has more than twice the average stack and today’s bubble is not that far off.

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Table Seat Chips Lastname Firstname 6 5 2,165,000 Anastasakis Dimitrios 4 2 3,455,000 Angelousis Konstantinos  5 6 1,025,000 Atzeni Luca 2 8