Horrible Setup for Nave Biton

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Mateusz Moolhuizen was just moved to Table 25 and explained the Dutch language to Sofia Lövgren:

“The grammar is totally illogical, it’s only spoken in the Netherlands and it’s completely useless.”

Good take; story checks out.

The conversation wasn’t quite so loose for Nave Biton as he just ran into a horrible cooler against Mirza Nezirevic.

The flop read 7-5-4 and Biton had 5-5 for a set. A bet, raise and all-in followed.

Nezirevic turned over 7-7 for a better set and the board blanked.

Nezirevic is up to over 4m. Biton was knocked down to about 1.7m

Payout Level: €4,300

Next Payout Level: 31st, €5,495

Average Stack: 2.2 million

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