I have a straight! I didn’t see it.

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Danish player Jens Ostergaard just took out Salvatore Formica and almost doubled his stack in the process. The two of them were all-in before the flop and classic race was on the way:

Ostergaard: A-K

Formica: T-T

The board fell 2-5-4-7-3 and Ostergaard slid his chips forward with a look of defeat. The dealer started counting and eventually the dealer moved Formica’s chips to Ostergaard. Ostergaard looked flabbergasted and then he realised: “Straight! I have a straight!”

He did. And now he’s up to 2.5m chips.

Meanwhile, Sofia Lövgren managed to almost double up with 3-3 against A-J and 7-7. She has about 2 million now. Both female players are still in the field.

Payout level: €4300

Next payout level: 31st, €5495

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