“I’m Always Worried About You”


Ina Pavlova raised from the cut-off to 225k and Maxime Canevet called.

The flop was Q K 2 and was checked around.

The turn was the 9 and now Canevet bet out 175k. Pavlova raised to 375k and Canevet called.

The river was the 6. Canevet checked and Pavlova fired 600k.

Canevet thought about it for 20s and called.


Canevet: K Q

Pavlova: A 5

“Just a call?”, asked Pavlova. “Were you worried?”

“I’m always worried against you,” answered Canevet.

Payout Level: €6,500

Next Payout Level: 23rd, €7,800

Average Stack: 3.5 million

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