I’m Gonna Ask the Floor for Another Table


As we know well from both hosting this event and covering live poker tournaments around the globe, the number of female players you’ll find in big-field open events is still comparatively small.

Like, less than 5% of the field small.

Ambitious and committed female poker players like Lena Evans and the Poker League of Nations are doing their best to raise those numbers as high as they can, but it’s still an uphill battle.

So the odds of having a female player at your table are already pretty low. For your girlfriend to end up being one of those players, it’s even rarer.

That was the case for Dutch couple Mateusz Moolhuizen and Dehlia de Jong just a short while ago when a player busted at Mateusz’s table and, lo and behold, Dehlia was his replacement.

How did it work out? We’ll let them explain:

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