In Da VIP with MPN


Did you know the MPN Network qualified 270 players for this year’s Battle of Malta main event?

We guess if you’re one of those players (or friends of one of those players), you did.

But everybody else … now you know!

While 270 players is a fabulous boost to the prize pool it comes with a bit of work to do for Richard Cunningham, the MPN Tour Manager.

“It’s been busy,” he says. “A bit hectic. But really enjoyable.”

Besides a VIP party at the Casino Malta bar tonight and a VIP section for MPN players at the Beach Party tomorrow night, there’s also a MPN VIP lounge downstairs just below the dinner area.

Inside there’s a Fish Party Live table, where players can win a package for MPN Tallinn, some comfortable seating areas, a Playstation, air hockey table and drinks.

VIP story checks out. Sounds like a sweet time to be an MPN player. Hear more from Richard below:

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