Insta-service at Battle of Malta with wireless “calling buttons”


Getting a drink while battling away at the poker tables will be a cinch at this year’s Battle of Malta with wireless “calling buttons” on every table in the Eden Arena.

The service, trialled at last year’s event, will make it easy for players to hail waiters so they can get order food or drinks without having to leave their seat.

Every dealer at the 140+ tables in the capacious Eden Arena tournament area will have access to the wireless “calling buttons” – an innovative device called the “Gee-Bell”. This will enable players to call for food & drinks at any time; all they have to do is ask and waiters will receive an instant signal on their watch and rush to the player’s rescue!

There will also be free wifi throughout the venue along with wireless mobile phone charging hotspots enabling all players with QI certified mobile phones to keep topped up at all times. There will also be standard charging points.

The innovative service is provided by Malta-based Servizo Wireless Technology Solutions. Servizo CEO Gernot Schmid said: “We’re looking forward to being the wireless technology partner for this year’s Battle of Malta. We know players appreciate getting an instant catering service while sitting at the poker tables for long and tiring sessions. The call buttons are really a great experience for players.”

This year’s Battle of Malta runs October 15-22 and is set to be the biggest yet with 35 tournaments on the schedule and a huge turnout expected. There were 3,816 entries for the 2018 Main Event making it the largest poker tournament ever held in Malta.

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