Ivo Dives In


Austrian Ivo Donev –  a WSOP bracelet winner from 2000 – is, in fact, not busted. He just went for a quick walk and is still very much alive in the tournament.

Unfortunately, though, we just witnessed him lose half his stack. We came to Ivo’s table and with blinds of 100/200 and 9,000 chips already in the middle.

Two players were involved: Donev and Andrea Murino. The two were on the river with the board reading T 3 2 3 4.

Andrea checked and Ivo shoved 10,000 chips over the betting line. Andrea quickly announced he had jacks but was reluctant to call. After a couple of minutes Andrea made the call and Ivo mucked without showing.

Ivo is down to a bit over 11,000 chips now. Which means he has roughly as many chips as former November Niner Fernando Pons, who sits across from him at another table.

Both have a long way to go as they have lost more than half their stack so far over the course of the first three levels.

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