Jens Can’t See Straight, Moves Up The Ladder


First he doesn’t see his straight, now he’s among the chip leaders

Jens Ostergaard just doubled up again. This time he was all-in with aces against Fakhreddine Abdalah who held jacks.

The board contained a queen, a king, but no jack and thus Ostergaard doubled up to 4.5m. Fakhreddine is almost out the door.

Payout Level: €4,300

Next Payout Level: 31st, €5,495

Average Stack: 2.2 million

Meanwhile, the Tournament Director announced the prize pool for the High Roller event.

The €1,320 buy-in had 240 players to generate a prize pool of €279,360. 51 players will be in the money but that is still about 15 spots away.

The winner is going to take down €60,000.

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