Julien Stropoli Wins 3816 Player Battle Of Malta Main Event – (€168,500)*


It was a French heads-up, and it ended in spectacular fashion, worthy of a great tournament.

The last nine players kicked off the action at 2 PM in the afternoon, and it didn’t take long until the first players had to say good-bye.

Jerome Steven Mangum and Mateusz Moolhuizen busted before the first break, and Gustav Vandenbring and Andy Hills followed before the second.

After that, the five remaining players agreed on a deal which secured everyone more than €100,000.

Shortly after, Abdallah Fakhreddine bowed out, being the one who probably profited the most of the deal. Down to four players, Stropoli and Urbonas clashed in a huge pot that left the Lithuanian with virtually no chips.

Urbonas doubled up twice against Erik Ostergaard but eventually lost all his chips to the Dane, who was suddenly for the first time the chipleader.

Ostergaard later took down another, even bigger pot against former chipleader Canevet, and it now looked as if the Danish player had a real shot at the title.

Instead, Canevet battled his way back up from 8 big blinds left and pushed Ostergaard into third place again. Then Ostergaard doubled against Stropoli, and we were all even again.

Eventually, Ostergaard looked a little tired, and within two hands that he tried to push aggressively, he lost all his chips to Stropoli.

The two French players – who both live in Malta – started heads-up play with 75 million for Stropoli and 20 for Canevet. Canevet managed to hold his own for a while but eventually fell in a hand he had no chance to get out of – see below.

Julien Stropoli cashes €141,500 which is by far the biggest cash of his career. He let out a primal scream when it was done and he couldn’t wait to get his hands on the trophy even before the ceremony began.

And so ends the Battle of Malta 2018. It’s been another week full of broken records, but most importantly it was an amazing event with thousands of player who loved the experience. And we did, too.

Thank you to everyone who took part, everyone who worked at the BOM, and of course, everyone of you who followed it. Why not be there next year?

If you’d like to read a recap of all the days at the Battle  of Malta 2018, we have exactly that prepared for you.

Payouts for the Final 9

Payouts reflect a 5-way deal

Julien Stropoli
Maxime Canevet
Erik Ostergaard
Mantas Urbonas
Fakhreddine Abdalah
Andrew Hills
Gustav Vadenbring
Mateusz Moolhuizen
Jerome Mangum

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