Kettunen Catches On


Miikka Kettunen seems to have learned the art of bluff catching from Maxime Canevet at his table.

We just saw the Finn play an impressive hand against Agostino Ascone.

We came to the hand with the flop reading J 6 7 and 550k in the middle.

Ascone checked, Kettunen bet 240k and Ascone called.

Turn: K – check / check.

River: 3

With a bit over 1.1m in the middle Ascone instantly moved all-in for effectively 1.5m. Kettunen thought for quite a while and eventually called with J 9.

He only had 2nd pair with a weak kicker, but his hand was good enough as a bluff catcher as Ascone turned over 9 7 for 3rd pair.

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