Let’s Get to 69

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The Tournament Director just announced that registration is closed and that the bubble has been determined.

The bubble will burst when the field reaches 69 players. 68 players will be paid tonight.

Today we’ll play down to these 68 players no matter how long it takes. We expect this to happen latest in Level 15 or 16.

Every player who bags chips tonight will receive 500 Euros in cash. The actual min cash will be bigger and the difference will be paid later, but the amount will be determined after day 1d is over.

Regardless, 500 Euros will be paid out today already. Each player who bags chips has the option to re-enter and try to run up a bigger stack.

The biggest stack of each player will play on Day 2. So a player who barely makes the money today will receive 500 Euros and can re-invest the money to try again tomorrow.

You’re allowed to forfeit your stack and try again on Day 1B but you can’t take your chips along. This is particularly helpful for players who don’t want to come back for Day 2 with five big blinds.

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