Linni Meister Confused, Gianni Salvatore Takes Big Pot


Linni Meister is having plenty of fun and some wine at her table. And she is confused. Quite a bit. Right now she was involved in a massive hand which involved four players.

It started with Linni limping from UTG. The player behind her, Tore Vik1, made it 2.5k to go and right behind him Gianni Salvatore made it 5k. The action folded to Ram Sarig in the Small Blind and he decided to shove all-in for 15.2k.

Now it was Linni’s turn. Oblivious to the action she only saw Salvatore’s raise to 5k and slid 5 yellow chips (for 5k) over the line. The dealer informed her that the bet was 15.2k, not just 5k. Linni looked confused and just now recognised Ram Sarig’s all-in. She stated she didn’t want to call that much and in that case rather wanted to take her chips back and fold. Obviously that was no option.

A floor was called and he explained the rules to Linni. She could either forfeit the 5k and fold or call the 15.2k. Linni took a sip from her wine and then announced a call, because she wanted to be a good sport.

Now the initial raiser folded and the action came back to Salvatore. He didn’t need much time to move all-in over the top. He had Linni, who had 35k chips behind, covered. Linni took another sip and eventually threw her cards in the muck after involuntarily investing a third of her stack.


Gianni Salvatore: 9 9

Ram Sarig: J 9 for an ill timed bluff

Board: 9 8 J K 4

Despite improving to two pair Sarig lost the all-in and was eliminated while Salvatore raked in this 50k+ pot.

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