Linni Meister Dabbles with Sixes


Norway’s Linni Meister played last year’s Battle of Malta and has returned this year for more.

Wikipedia lists her professions as “glamour model, pop singer and sex columnist,” but she’s mostly known for her work as DJane. Sponsored by Betsson she also dabbles in poker whenever possible.

She definitely is a good sport at the table and very happy about playing here.

Take this hand for example: After a raise and a call she defended her big blind with 6 4. After the flop and turn were checked through the full board read K 3 8 J 6.

Having rivered 4th pair Linni bet 1/3 pot only to see both her opponents call. She turned over her cards and cheered “Oh, I have a six!.”

But, of course, after two calls her six was not good enough. The initial raiser showed 9 9 and scooped the small pot.

Linni is down to about 12k now and will need to turn things around to get a slice of this gargantuan (and still growing) prize pool.

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