Linni Observes Classic Race


We passed by Linni Meister’s table once again and noticed two things:

1. Linni switched to white wine.

2. This hand – It began with Linni open limping from early position. A gentleman from middle position raised to 4.4k which prompted the player on the button – Roger Benjamin – to move all-in for 55k.

Behind him Antonio Mirabile went deep into the tank and came over the top with another all-in for more than 60k. The action came back to Linni and she decided to let go of her hand and the initial raiser did the same.

Showdown: Queens for Benjamin, Ace-King for Mirabile – a classic race was under way. It looked good for Benjamin until the turn with only rags on the board. But the river brought a king and so the pot went to the Italian.

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