Look Here, Big Hand Coming Up!


We just came by Eyal Bensimhon’s table. He’s the friendly man with the pink hat and Sofia Lövgren is at his table as well. But this story is not about her, it’s about Eyal, who played a big hand just for us. Or so it seemed.

It all began with Itzhak Kedem raising from UTG to 1k and the player behind him calling the raise. Now it was Eyals turn and as he spotted us, he exclaimed “Look here, big hand coming up!” And he made it 3.5k to go. After several folds Kedem called the raise and the 3rd player got out of the way.

“Picture cards, many picture cards”, demanded Bensimhon and the flop came pretty picture heavy: K J 9. After Kedem checked, Bensimhon slid 5.5k over the betting line and Kedem called.

The turn fell 6 and Kedem checked again. Now Bensimhon slid out 13k and it only took few seconds for Kedem to fold his hand.

Quehe the big reveal. Just for us Eyal Bensimhon turned over his hand: 5 3 – a bluff with a lot of heart and plenty of show. We’ll be back to Bensimhon’s table very soon.

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