Looking Good for Ana Marquez!


888poker Ambassador Ana Marquez played her first bullet yesterday but didn’t quite make it until the end of the day.

It’s looking pretty good for her so far tonight.

She was placed to the right of pro climber/poker pro André Difelice and we just watched her stack grow to over 100k – way more than double the average stack.

On a T 4 3 flop there was already 14k in the middle and Ana was involved in a blind battle against the Finish player Markus Jappinen.

On the Q turn Ana bet 8.8k and Jappinen called reluctantly.

After the river fell 2 Jappinen checked and Ana almost instantly moved all-in for Jappinen’s remaining stack worth roughly 30k.

After the Finn spent some time thinking he threw his cards in the muck and the pot – over 30k chips – went to Ana who has more than 100k chips now.

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