Loose call, loose call!


There’s only one dog in this tournament and it belongs to Ting Ho. Apparently, they’ve come all the way from the USA. She has put the dog – nick named Bella (yes, this dog really has a nickname) – basically on top of the table. Bella doesn’t seem to mind. Actually she seems to enjoy the whole show. Not sure what the other players think.

We’re not sure how much Ho Ting is enjoying her luck right now as she just lost a huge pot. With T 7 she called a raise in the big blind and on a A T 4 flop she called another bet with middle pair. When the turn fell Q her opponent – Jerry Bailey – moved all-in for his last remaining 5k chips.

She felt priced in and called, but Bailey turned over A J for top-pair and had Ho Ting drawing very thing. “Loose Call”, her neighbour exclaimed and after the river fell Q, and she had to forfeit the pot.

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