Lövgren Erases Zumbo


It seems like Sofia Lövgren is our leading contender for the last woman standing in the Battle of Malta Main Event this year.

She just took out Valerio Zumbo as both were all-in preflop.

Sofia had A Q

Zumbo had 3 3

The board gave Sofia a flush: 4 J 2 2 9.

Zumbo only had a bit more than 200k but Sofia now has 1.5m – well above average.

Meanwhile on the feature table Gali Dovzhenko ran a bit unlucky and took her leave in the last hour.

That means it’s just Sofia and Ina Pavlova holding it down for the women right now.

Let’s hope they keep holding through the last level of the day and join us for Day 3 tomorrow.

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