Mantas Urbonas Bounced in 4th (€121,500)*


As mentioned Mantas Urbonas was down to just a couple of big blinds, but managed to double up twice against Erik Ostergaard.

First hand:

Ostergaard: J 8
Urbonas: Q T

Board: T Q 4 2 8

Second hand:

Urbonas: K 9
Ostergaard: A 4

Board: J 2 T K K

Now Urbanas was almost back in contention with 12 big blinds but he eventually lost his 3rd all-in against the Dane.

Ostergaard opened with A A and Urbonas got A Q behind him, moved all-in and of course Ostergaard called.

The board fell Q J 6 4 4 and wasn’t not enough for Urbonas.

Urbanas is out in 4th position and will have to settle for the agreed-upon deal money, €121,500.

*According to a five-way deal.

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