Massive Double for AH with AK

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It didn’t take long after the first break of the day for the first massive all-in.

Andrew Hills had a horrible first two levels today and lost 2/3s of his stack, mostly against Maxime Canevet to his left.

He was down to 6m chips (12 big blinds) and found himself at the bottom at the leaderboard.

Hills found A K in the hi-jack and moved all-in. In the small blind the Dane Erik Ostergaard had K K and moved all-in.

In the big blind Mantas Urbonas looked down to find 9 9, but let go of his hand.

Andrew and Erik went to showdown.

The board fell A A Q 4 Q

With a boat Hills doubled up and Ostergaard was left crippled with 8 big blinds.

Surprisingly, the most nervous player during this all-in was the chip leader Maxime Canevet. He got up from his seat, paced around the table and was not too happy to see Hills win this all-in.

He probably would have preferred the seasoned pro being eliminated. But now Hills again is a force to be reckoned with, holding 13m chips – 26 big blinds.


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