Massive Double Up for Fabrice Soulier


A couple of levels ago Frenchman Fabrice Soulier already had a stack worth almost 100k chips, but during the past two hours he had lost quite a lot of his chips and was back to slightly above average.

He just managed to score a massive double up against the Italian Carlo Bordogna.

Bordogna raised from late position to 2.6k and from the small blind Soulier made it 6.5k to go.

Bordogna instantly moved all-in for a total of 40k and Soulier called as instantly.


Bordogna: J J

Soulier: Q Q

The board delivered plenty of blanks and, just like that, Soulier is back to a six-figure stack (a bit over 110k). Bordogna, unfortunately, had to take his leave.

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