Mayhem It Is!


Yesterday we promised mayhem and the initial phase of the tournament definitely delivered on that promise.

With more than 1,000 players registered, a satellite running, 125 tables in the tournament area and hundreds of players trying to get a spot on the waiting list, the entire process is a bit difficult right now.

Even with more registration points and despite numerous attempts to make the players register early, as in the day before, the registration at some point looked like the siege of Jerusalem in “World War Z”.

Nevertheless, most players already found their seat at the table. Among them we spotted French poker superstar Fabrice Soulier, Norwegian DJ Linni Meister, our friend with the pink hat, Eyal Bensimhon, Jonas Hähnert (who fired his 3rd bullet today), former BoM-finalist Konrad Abela (on his 2nd bullet) and Sally Stephens, who also has re-entered.

While there are still players searching for their table the first seats are already open again. The honour of being the first bust of the day went to the Polish player Damian Marcinkowski – he lasted less than 10 minutes.

Today’s clock shows 1,083 players right now and this numbers increases every minute. We’re going to have to figure out some new superlatives to describe the Battle of Malta 2018.

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Table Seat Chips Lastname Firstname 6 5 2,165,000 Anastasakis Dimitrios 4 2 3,455,000 Angelousis Konstantinos  5 6 1,025,000 Atzeni Luca 2 8