Moolhuizen Muted In Eighth Place – (€30,000)

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Mateusz Moolhuizen started the day in the middle of the pack, but could not make much happen in the first level today. In the end it was a lost flip that essentially sealed his fate.

Frenchman Julien Stropoli moved all-in from early position with 7 7 for 4.6m (roughly 15 big blnds). Behind him Mateusz found A Q and moved all-in as well.

The board fell Q 7 6 Q 9 giving Stropoli a full house and doubling him up.

Moolhuizen was left with 6 big blinds despite hitting trips and after one more orbit and the blinds going up, Moolhuizen found himself on his very last lifeline.

He moved all-in from UTG with Q 9 and in the small blind Maxime Canevet called with A 9. Moolhuizen was dominated and the board fell A Q 6 J 3 and now we’re down to 7 players.

Unlucky ending for the Dutch player who hit the board twice and still couldn’t win the hands.

Next payout: €41,000

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