More Than a Couple of Queens


The Battle of Malta side event dedicated exclusively to women’s poker has officially begun. We allow poker-loving girls to look into each other’s eyes without any male intrusion.

What’s going to happen now? Will the atmosphere be more relaxed or fiercer than the one at the Main Event?

We don’t know yet but judging from first appearances it seems that these 60 ladies will be hard to beat. There are 6 tables arranged for the Ladies Event with 10 seats each.

Also for this event, players have come from all over the world. Italy is the most represented country with 11 of the seats are occupied by Italian women.

While the tournament is still in its first levels, here’s the name of the first lady eliminated: Yedidya Rita Shmuel, who came to Malta from Israel.

A few moments later, another woman had to go: the Danish player Yvonne Frances Elsie Frank.

So, Italian women, poker, drinks and the sun is shining. You think you should have come to the Battle of Malta, too?

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