Ostergaard Takes the Lead Again

Our former chip leader, Maxime Canevet, is down to just 8 big blinds and Erik Ostergaard has taken the lead again Ostergaard found A♥ A♣ on the button and raised to 1.9m. In the big blind Maxime Canevet defended with A♠ 5♠. The two of them saw a flop. Flop:

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Mantas Urbonas Eliminato al Quarto Posto (€121,500)

Mantas  Urbonas si ritrova a giocare con due big blind e mezzo, e nel giro di tre mani passa nuovamente dal paradiso all’inferno. Prima mano: Ostergaard: J♥ 8♦Urbonas: Q♥ T♠Board: T♣ Q♣ 4♠ 2♣ 8♥ Seconda mano: Urbanas: K♣ 9♣Ostergaard: A♥ 4♦Board: J♠ 2♣ T♣ K♦ K♥ Mantas si ritrova

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Mantas Urbonas Bounced in 4th (€121,500)*

As mentioned Mantas Urbonas was down to just a couple of big blinds, but managed to double up twice against Erik Ostergaard. First hand: Ostergaard: J♥ 8♦Urbonas: Q♥ T♠ Board: T♣ Q♣ 4♠ 2♣ 8♥ Second hand: Urbonas: K♣ 9♣Ostergaard: A♥ 4♦ Board: J♠ 2♣ T♣ K♦ K♥ Now Urbanas

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Mantas Urbonas tentenna, Stropoli colpisce

Due grandissime mani si sono scontrate quando Julien Stropoli e Mantas Urbonas sono andati all-in preflop. Dopo una scommessa e un rilancio, entrambi erano all-in ed eccoti lo showdown: Julien Stropoli: K♣ K♠Mantas Urbonas: A♠ Q♥ Scheda: K♥ T♣ 3♥ A♥ 2♠ Quindi, Mantas Urbonas, che è partito terzo oggi

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When Two Huge Hands Collide

Two huge hands collided when Julien Stropoli and Mantas Urbonas were all-in preflop. After a bet and raise both were all-in and we saw a showdown: Julien Stropoli: K♣ K♠Mantas Urbonas: A♠ Q♥ Board: K♥ T♣ 3♥ A♥ 2♠ And just like that Mantas Urbonas, who started 3rd in chips

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Ostergaard Hits the Ace

Things have taken a turn for the worse for Maxime Canevet. Once (and mostly) the overwhelming chip leader he just took a big hit from Erik Ostergaard. Four-handed he ran got his QQ in vs. Ostergaard’s AQ in power position. An ace on the flop changed that quickly and now

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