Ostergaard Doubles Again And Is Now In Contention


Just minutes after he had doubled up before, Jens Ostergaard raised it up UTG to 375k. Only Gill Denino called.

The flop fell 7 4 7

Ostergaard took the lead and bet 400k, which Denino called.

The turn was the 8 and Ostergaard bet again, this time 520k. Now Denino jumped into action and check-raised all-in, putting the Danish player at risk.

However, Ostergaard only needed a femtosecond to call.


Ostergaard: Q J

Genino: K 7

Genino had flopped trips, but Ostergaard found his flush on the turn. He now needed to avoid the board to pair to stay in the tournament.

The river blanked and Ostergaard doubled up. He now sits with over 7.5 million, while Denino is down to about three million.

Payout level: €11,000

Next payout level: 15th, €13,000

Average stack: 6.3 million

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