Ostergaard Takes the Lead Again


Our former chip leader, Maxime Canevet, is down to just 8 big blinds and Erik Ostergaard has taken the lead again

Ostergaard found A A on the button and raised to 1.9m.

In the big blind Maxime Canevet defended with A 5.

The two of them saw a flop.

Flop: A 4 K (5m)

Top-Pair vs. Top-Set – this flop hit both players quite well. But both checked.

Turn: T

Again Canevet checked his top pair. Now Ostergaard bet 4m and Canevet called.

River: 6 (13m)

Another check by Canevet and Ostergaard now bet 4m again. Canevet called and lost the showdown.

Canevet is down to 8 big blinds with this hand. The deal he made when he was still overwhelming chip leader is looking good now.

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