Over the Hills and (Running) Far Away


Far, far away actually.

Andrew Hills just won the biggest hand of this tournament so far. And what a banger it was.

We’re not entirely sure about the action until the turn but the board read J T 6 9 with 350k in the middle.

Samiye Duzgun was in the hi-jack and checked to Hills on the button.

Hills bet 200k and Duzgun called.

River: T.

Again Samiye checked and now Hills made it 575k. It sure as hell looked like he was trying to run over Duzgun.

But Duzgun himself played the bully now and moved all-in for 2.1m chips. Hills barely had him covered and for the first time we saw him lose his cool.

After almost 7 minutes Hills decided to call and turned over K Q for a straight. Duzgun turned over A J for a bluff with plenty of heart, but an unlucky result.

Hills is in the lead again and he has roundabout 5m chips.

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