Patrik Falk Goes Full Circle


First, a straight wasn’t good enough. Then Swede Patrik Falk found a flush — which was good enough for him, but not good enough for the poker gods.

What happened?

We came to Falk’s table on a 9 7 6 K turn with a bit more than 100k chips in the middle already.

Falk moved all-in for 60k more and his opponent, Stanislav Zegal, almost immediately called.


Falk: Q J (flush)
Zegal: 9 9 (set)

Falk exclaimed “deuce! deuce!” but to no avail. The dealer turned over the K, giving Zegal a full house.

“Fuck my life,” Falk complained as he exited only two spots before the money.

First he folded a straight against a bluff. Then he made the right move with a flush but still lost.

Like we said: The bubble can be brutal!

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