Pour One Out for Our Last Italian Player


The Battle of Malta would simply not be the Battle of Malta without our always joyful, always entertaining cohort of Italian players.

Filling the BoM seats from its early days, year after year, we’ve always looked forward to hosting our closest neighbours and they’ve had no small hand in helping the BoM grow to what it is today.

55 nationalities could be found among the BoM seats this year but by far the largest group – 631 in fact – were Italians.

So it’s with a heavy heart we report we have lost the last Italian player left in the Main Event, Alessio Bergamo.

Bergamo was down to 7 big blinds and 3-bet-shoved all-in against Mantas Urbonas’ open raise.

Urbonas called.


Urbonas: A 2
Wozniak: Q J

Board: K 3 6 9 T

After the hand Urbonas is up to more than 9m and is among the chip leaders again. Alessio is out in 23rd and collected €7,800

Please, if you can spare it, pour out a bit of Campari in honor of our fallen friend.

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