Pre-day 1A satellite draws 470 players


There are still ways to qualify for the Battle of Malta 2018. Satellites are still running every day, and our players are making good use of them.

Last night’s satellite had no less than 470 players! The tournament was officially capped at 400 players, but the staff somehow made it possible to accommodate for an additional 70 players.

40 players won seats to the main event, and they only paid €55+5 to get it. If you fancy a shot, come over to the Casino Malta and take your seat in the next one.

Today’s satellite is going to kick off at 5 PM local time. It’ll have €55+5 buy-in again, so one in ten players will get a seat in the main. You can choose whether you want to play day 1B or day 1C, but we recommend you play tomorrow, as day 1C will be incredibly busy.

Also, this is going to be a long battle, so if you can take one day off after your day 1, you will appreciate it later. We promise.

Come to the casino early if to make sure you’ll get your spot in the satellite. The seats are selling out quickly…

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