Quads are Good!


Quads? Quads are good!

Auris Stanevicius from Lithuania just hit the jackpot at Table 16.

He found Q Q on the button and opened up to 9k after it was folded to him. The Swede Karl Ellingsson called in the big blind and the flop gave Stanevicius a set: K Q 3.

After his opponent checked Stanevicius bet 6k only to see Ellingsson come over the top with a raise to 17k. The young player from Lithuania called.

Turn: Q. Quads! And Ellingsson kept betting. Now he fired 22k and Stanevicius just called.

River: T. Ellingsson fired a last time, this time slightly more than 40k, to put Stanevicius all-in. Since he still had the nuts he called immediately.

After seeing his hand Ellingsson knocked on the table, turned over T 4 for a stone-cold bluff and handed over most of his chips.

Stanevicius, meanwhile, is up to over 190k now.

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