Quads Drown Cammasuli


After the break Flaviano Cammisuli had a bad run of cards.

First he lost an all-in against the Finnish short stack Mikka Cettunen and then he just doubled up Maxime Canevet.

Canevet was all-in with A-A, Cammisuli with A-T-suited.

The board didn’t improve Cammisuli’s hand enough.

Cammasuli was down to 1.4m while Canevet went up to 2.2m again.

And now Cammasuli’s almost out of luck.

Cammisuli just doubled up Ina Pavlova. She was all-in with 8-8, Cammisuli had her dominated with 9-9.

But the board brought 2 more eights to give Vasileva quads.

Cammisuli is down to a couple of big blinds now and his hopes of another BoM final table are dwindling.


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