Queen High is Good!


On the last hand of the level, Avihai Benshoham won a nice 3-way-pot with queen high.

Benshoham opened to 200k from early position and a very short Agostino Ascone moved all-in for 250k.

In the big blind Gustav Vadenbring called as well and they saw a flop.

Flop: A 4 K (900k in the middle)

Vadenbring and Benshoham checked.

Turn: K (900k)

Vadenbring checked, Benshoham bet 250k and Vadenbring called.

River: A (1.4m)

Both players checked.


Ascone: 7 7 for a counterfeited two pair
Vadenbring: 8 7 for a whiffed flush draw
Benshoham: Q 7 for queen high

Queen high was good and Benshoham took the pot while Ascone is off to the rail.

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