Rapid Fire Eliminations

Within less than 20 minutes we lost already 7 players. The two most recent eliminations were Sebastian Gruszczynski who lost with K-Q against A-Q and Sergio Della Ventura who went out losing a coinflip with 5-5 against A-K.

Down to 53 now.

Impressive hero call by Maxime Canevet

On table 23 the two chipleaders are Flaviano Cammisuli and Florian Guimond, but now Maxime Canevet lays claim to the chip lead.

He just took down a nice pot with an impressive call against Agostino Ascone.

The hand was on the river with the board reading 7 Q T Q K and 500k in the middle.

After Maxime Canevet checked, Agostino bet 525k – slightly more than pot. Maxime thought a good two minutes and eventually called with A 7 – a measly bottom pair. But his read was spot on as Ascone could only muster A 9 for a stone cold bluff.

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