Respect to Whomever Tends the Garden


While things outside the tournament room have leaned to the more chaotic side, inside the room things have clipped along at a more comfortable pace.

Cries of “seat open” are plentiful but there are just as many willing bodies ready to jump in and fill those empty seats.

We’ve mentioned a few of the familiar faces already in the action below.

We’ve also found BoM reg and 888 fav Sofia Lövgren who, even if she doesn’t make it into the money today, will at the very least will have an interesting story to tell about her tablemate:

Firing my 2nd bullet in Battle of Malta today. Hear me roar! (Respect to the guy beside me who has 21 lions, 6 pumas and 3 tigers at home in his garden in Malta… (rescued from Libyan war soon to be set in free in Africa) @888poker

— Sofia Lövgren (@Sofia_Lovgren) October 27, 2018

How you manage to fit 21 lions, 6 pumas and 3 tigers into your garden is beyond us. We might just have to wander over there and ask.

In the meantime, here are a few pics to help settle you in for the long day ahead.

Bom2018 42

BoM2018 48

BoM2018 46

BoM2018 43


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