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Setups and Double Busts After Midnight!


After a double bust on Table 17 we have a new chip leader!

We’e not entirely sure what happened on Table 17 before we got there but three players were involved in a hand and the action was on the turn with more than 100k in the middle already.

The board read Q 9 5 K and from the small blind the Spaniard Alejandro Pineiro went all-in for roughly half pot.

Luigi D’alterio moved all-in the cut-off and the player on the button, Abdalah Fakhreddine, called all-in as well.

D’alterio had his opponents covered and the cards were revealed:

Pineiro: 9 2 (flush draw)
D’alterio: J T (made straight)
Fakhreddine: 5 5 (set)

The river fell 2 and D’alterio’s straight prevailed. He took out both his opponents and stacked over 400k chips!